Written and Performed by Donal Courtney


God Has No Country tells the story of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty’s war time exploits in Rome. The play focuses on O’Flaherty’s struggles as he and his colleagues set about the task of protecting those in need from the German occupancy of Rome.

The story is told from the Monsignor’s point of view. It is study of the torment and difficulty in the decisions he undertook in his fight for justice. This is re-enacted through the use of storytelling and various characterisations.



The play is a dramatization of actual events and while careful research has been carried out in its creation, as a dramatic work certain licence has been taken. Running time is 60 minutes approx. and there is no interval.

Dublin based Killarney Actor Donal Courtney’s  one man show “God has no country” tells the story of the struggles encountered by Kerrryman Monsignor Hugh O’ Flaherty and his colleagues in Rome during the Second World War.


The story follows O’Flaherty’s torment as he has to decide to act in defence of those suffering under the tyranny of the Fascists. The play also reflects on his upbringing and education in Killarney and how joining the priesthood protecting him from involvement in The War of Independence.  Told with humour and sensitivity, “God has no country” aims to bring the heroic deeds and achievements of this extraordinary man to a wider audience.



Courtney deftly illustrates O’Flaherty’s deep love for Killarney….. in a series of short, spritely-paced scenes, which deliberately nuance the Monsignor’s infamous sharp, confident stride ….this production will find itself at home in a wide variety of venues across the country.

 The Killarney man credited with introducing Hollywood star Michael Fassbender to the world of acting is to stage a highly-rated drama of his own in his hometown this November.

And he has pledged to reject any effort by the star of Hunger and Shame to play the lead role which he is jealously guarding for himself.

Michael Fassbender, ACTOR

Dr. Fiona Brennan,




Donal graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting in 1991 and has since worked in theatre and television in Ireland and abroad. He also holds an MA in Theatre from NUI Maynooth.


Theatre work includes:

The Man from Clare (Gaiety), The Chastitute (Gaiety) The Importance of being Earnest (Siamsa Tire) The Crazy Wall (Siamsa Tire) Sive (Nationwide Tour) Romeo and Juliet (Nationwide Tour) In High Germany (Bewleys Café Theatre) Homefront (Andrews Lane) and Antigone which toured to ancient arenas in Greece and Austria.


Television work includes: 

The Tudors (BBC)  Maru (TG4) and Fair City (RTE)

He recently appeared in the new Irish short film Cutting Grass alongside John Hannah and new Irish feature  The Gift.


He has directed  many plays including the works of Friel, Wilde, Shaw, Bolger and Sophocles.


August/September 2018


Wed 15th August

St Johns Theatre, Listowel, Co. Kerry


Fri 14th/Sat 15th September

Town Hall, Westport Co. Mayo





For any inquiries, please contact Donal Courtney

Tel:  086 959 7673 | info@godhasnocountry.com

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Donal has written six plays Closing Time, Rumpletstiltskin, Election Night (published by Stinging Fly Press 2008 ) and Gethsemane which was short-listed for the Eamonn Keane Full Length Play Award at 2009 Writers Week. For whom we deliver which was staged at Smock Alley Theatre.

His most recent play, God has no Country, has been published by EdCo as part of the new Junior Cycle English Syllabus. The play which depicts the wartime exploits of Monsignour Hugh O’Flaherty, is currently touring to venues around Ireland and abroad. He has also written for Fair City (RTE).